Welcome to our new Internet home. 

The site has been redesigned to hopefully make your experience here better.  We hope to be able to keep you informed of our whereabouts and doings as we move around the Caribbean.  We have captured the history of our first two years and present it here in the order that things happened.  In future postings, we will also incorporate photos along with the story line to help explain what is going on, rather than having all the photos in a separate area like before.

Adding photos to the text makes it more readable, but will require that we get to an actual Internet connection to update the site, where previously, I was able to add text from the sat phone via email.  I think that will be ok as we usually get to Internet connections every couple of weeks or so.

Additionally, I am adding a mailing list, where you can add your name and I will send an email letting you know there is new content on the site so you don't have to keep checking all the time.  You just need to click the option at left and add your info.