Talking with a taxi driver ("Taxista")  -  Getting Around

Hi, can you take us to the Digitel main office?  I need to get a chip for my cell phone.

Hola, nosotros necesitamos ir Digitel oficia principal.   Nosotros necesitamos un chip por mi telefoneó.
Can you wait for us?  We need to also go to EPA and then back here to Bahia Redonda. How much will it cost to go there? Puedes esperar por nosotros?  Nosotros necesitamos también ir de EPA y luego regresar a Bahia Redonda.
How much will it cost per hour? Cuanto cuesta por hora?
To the phone clerk:

Hi I need to get a prepaid chip for my cell phone.  How much is it?

Hola, necesito un chip prepago por mi telefoneo.   Que planes tienes para llamar internacional y local?

That is expensive, is there another that is cheaper?

Es caro, tienes mas barato? 

It is the only one… Es el unico…. 
To the taxi driver:
I want to buy a throw rug, where can I get one? 

Yo quiero comprar una alformbra.  Donde puedo encontrar una?

We also want to find some polishing wax for my boat. Nosotros necesitamos cera de pulitura por mi barco.
Hi, can you take me to buy some fresh fish and fresh vegetables? 

Hola, puedes llevar me comprar algo pescado fresco y vegetales fresco?

Can you wait for me and bring me back here? Puedes esperar me y regresar me aqui?
How much do you charge? Cuanto cobras?





Cuanto cuesta por hora?

 How much do you charge?


How much?