Hay - Verbo Impersonal

Present -> Hay There is... or There are..
Past -> Hubo There was ...  or There were ...
Future -> Habra There will be ... 



Present Tense / Presente - Hay
Hay mucha gente en Venezuela. There are many people in Venezuela.
Hay muchas personas aqui. There are many people here.
Hay mucho dinero en el gobierno. There is a lot of money in government.
?Cuando hay clases de espanol? When are the Spanish classes?
Hay clases manana. There are classes tomorrow.
No hay comida. There is nothing to eat.
Past Tense / Pasado - Hubo
Hubo una fiesta en mi velero anoche. There was a party in my sailboat last night.
No hubo clases la semana pasada. There were no classes last week.
Future Tense / Futuro - Habra
No habra clases el lunes. There will be no classes on Monday.



No hay mantequilla hoy.

There is no butter today.
habrá  mantequilla mañana. There will be butter tomorrow.
No Hubo mantequilla pasada semana. There was no butter last week.
Hay una fiesta esta noche. There is a party tonight.
Hubo una fiesta anoche. There was a party last night.
No habrá una fiesta pasada mañana. There will not be a party the day after tomorrow.
Hay muchos problemas en la ciudad. There are many problems in the city.
Habrá policía en la ciudad. There will be police in the city.
Hubo  una fiesta anoche. There was a party last night.